I retired from the USMC after 20+ years of flying helicopters and loved almost every minute of it.  I love the Marine Corps because it is a family that trains, fights, and wins together.  CrossFit has that same spirit!  We count on each other and drive each other to higher goals.  Sport is a mind and body healer.  Soccer, skiing, motocross, skateboarding...I love it all!  When CrossFit found me, I was in need of a kick.  Stress, life, age...you get the picture.  I was immediately hooked and wanted to share that feeling with others.  It is inspirational to see people reach fitness goals they never imagined possible!  That is why I am here...to hopefully change some lives the way CrossFit has changed mine.
        My dad taught me that you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and I know it takes teamwork to win the big games.  The Coaches you see on this page are some of the most dynamic, sincere, caring, personable professionals you will meet.  Their excitement drives me and it will drive you.  They will make a difference in your life like they have mine.  

Our Coaches

​     The coaches at CrossFit Fredericksburg come from varied backgrounds and have years of experience not only in CrossFit, but in life.  We have been through combat operations, survival situations, and hardships.  We have suffered losses and celebrated incredible victories.   

     At the heart and sole of our union is the desire to better ourselves through fitness and to share that with all who are like-minded.

     Our primary concern is to always make sure we deliver you the best training available.  We are here to assist, support, drive, and win with you every step of the way!