1.  Can I really get a great workout in one hour?

    A typical class will start with a warmup and mobility work, then strength, and end with a high-intensity workout (usually 5-20 minutes).  All done in one hour and guaranteed to move you!

2.  Is CrossFit really as tough as I heard it is?

    CrossFit will challenge you physically, mentally, and sometimes even emotionally...daily.  It is tough work, but it is satisfying, rewarding, and addictive.

3.  I have never worked out before, can I still do CrossFit?

    The key is to stay open minded and positive.  Don't let the workout scare you.  Our experienced coaches scale the workouts to fit everyone's abilities, regardless of whether you are brand new to CrossFit or a professional athlete.

4.  What is the role of the coach?

    The coach's number one priority is to ensure your safety.  He/She will demonstrate and instruct all of the movements and then scale them for your level of fitness or skill.  The coach is with you through every workout to evaluate, motivate, and instruct.

5.  What is the CrossFit community that I keep hearing about?

  You will notice right away that the athletes in your class support one another.  This support is like a family and perpetuates enthusiasm.  That mood/pride/excitement/respect is present throughout the entire gym, so regardless of the class that you attend, your "family" will be there to support and motivate you.

6.  The gym can get boring.  Is CrossFit fun or just hard?

   Lucky for you, one of CrossFit's staples is that it is "constantly varied", meaning it takes you down a different road almost every day and keeps you out of that "same old routine".  You will find your competitive side as well and soon will be trying to best your buddy on his/her time or repetitions.  

7.  Will CrossFit target all my muscle groups?

   The movements in CrossFit are compound movements and workout your whole body.  You will see across-the-board improvements in your strength, fitness, health, weight loss, and endurance.